The elastic characteristics of rubber compounds combined with the transformation processes ranging from calendering extrusion up to the hot pressing allow to satisfy the most varied applications. The industrial sectors that demand extraordinary performance high reliability, our know-how enables us to provide SYSTEMS SEALING with Elastomers higher level.

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The polymers are polymers endowed with high physical-mechanical characteristics (stiffness, toughness, ductility, workability, resistance to high temperatures, in static and dynamic loads and aging) such as to permit their use in substitution of the traditional metals. PTFE and its upload, PEEK ® DEVLON®, TFM ™ PTFE and PCTFE are the main materials processed to cover industrial needs more complex.

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We provide, in particular to the sector of valves and pumps, by spring energized seals (LIP SEALS) with technopolymer and elastic steel sleeve (Elgiloy ®, Anstelloy ®, Inconel ®, etc.), By the shaped metal strips and joined sometimes to the engineering plastics to graphite ribbons wrapped and pressed until the desired density; obtaining: - Temperatures from -260 ° C to +315 ° C; - Rotational and vertical motion; - Static and dynamic applications with high pressures; - Resistance to chemical products, aging.

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FKM, FPM, VITON ®, FKM AED, VITON® AED, FFKM, DuPont ™ Kalrez ®, Parker ™ Parofluor ®, HNBR, hydrogenated nitrile

Synertech offers a wide range of products with a high level of control of the quality and performance. O-Rings fluoroelastomers (FKM / VITON ® DuPont ™, FPM) and perfluoroelastomers (id. FFKM / KALREZ ® DuPont ™), represent a class of synthetic rubbers can provide extraordinary levels of resistance against chemicals and oils, in addition to ensuring thermal levels of complete functional service to more than -50 ° C to 250 ° C. Other O-Rings such as Perflurielastomeri or FFKM have properties that fully meet high aggressiveness environments by chemical agents: pure amines; water vapor; methanol, potassium formate, in particular sectors such as chemical and oil (valvoe and pipelines); these materials are able to withstand temperatures from + 240 ° C to + 320 ° C in maintenance. * Also available with NORSOK M-710 certification. The compounds O-Rings family by HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile) are specially formulated for extreme application (particularly cryogenic) such as operating temperatures of up to -55 ° C, high compression performance, abrasion resistance, * also available with NORSOK M-710 certification. For more specific information on the type FKM compounds, FPM, Viton ®, AED FKM, Viton ® AED, FFKM, KALREZ ®, HNBR, hydrogenated nitrile can be found in the sheets on our ORings Stock or in these articles. All these O-rings are present in our ORings Stock