HNBR AED, Hydrogenated Nitrile

Features and Performance

The hydrogenated nitrile materials with AED declination, have superior mechanical properties and high wear resistance in dynamic seals. I can reach temperatures up to 180 ° C but above all are recognized for their outstanding performance in cryogenic environment, preserving their physical characteristics over the -55 ° C. All these O-Rings are present in ORings Stock


These materials have excellent resistance to oils and fuels. Demonstrate superior resistance to aggressive fluids such as:

- Hydrogen sulfide (H2S);
- Oil Raw;
- Lubricating oil additives;
- Amine corrosion inhibitors.
- It's not compatible: contact with fluorine.

The series has an excellent ozone resistance and the compression set is maintained at excellent levels of performance. The compounds in HNBR for anti-explosive decompression applications (AED) also are available with NORSOK M710-certification (see table below).

Variations and uses