Features and Performance

These compounds, fluorine-based copolymer and terpolymer fluorine are specifically formulated for interventions in extreme conditions (p. Eg. Oil deposits also submarines) and offer excellent performance in explosive decompression (ED) and resistance to rapid gas decompression (RGD). The range includes various "grades" that offer high performance in terms of resistance to chemical agents and exceptional performance at very low temperatures (-50 ° C). The characteristics of these products allow to reduce the downtime of the production process, obtaining results in terms of productivity and efficiency. All these O-Rings are present in our ORings Stock


- Explosive decompression resistance;
- Temperature up to -51 ° C (-60 ° F) and up to + 250 ° C (+ 482 ° F);
- High mechanical strength;
- Chemical resistance to petroleum fluids and gases;
- High pressure capability.

Variations and uses