Features and Performance

The heat resistance (+ 320 ° C) and chemical agents (almost 2,000 cataloged substances) of perfluoro elastomers (FFKM) is similar to that of PTFE (Teflon ®). They combine the positive properties of PTFE with the elastic behavior dell'FKM / FPM. Typical applications of perfluorinated elastomers are the semiconductor industry, the oil and chemical industry, high vacuum technology and the aerospace industry. The advantages of these materials results in a significant reduction of the costs of inspection and maintenance of the sealing elements which leads to a recovery of yield and productivity in the processes. This category some commercial brands such as DuPont ™ Kalrez ®, Parker ® ™ Parofluor. All these O-Rings are present in our ORings Stock


- Heat resistance: + 320 ° C;
- Low temperatures up to -35 ° C;
- Resistance to oxygen aging and weathering;
- Exceptional performance in high vacuum conditions even at high temperatures;
- It's not compatible: contact with fluorine.

We provide perfluoro elasrs for applications in anti explosive decompression (AED) with Norsok M-7 certification.

Variations and uses