F.A.Q. – ORing and ORings Stock

F.A.Q. - ORing and ORings Stock

1What is the O-ring?
It is usually a circular section ring made of elastomeric material (ref. Rubber), used mainly as sealing applications on static and / or dynamic.
2 What materials will produce the O-ring?
The elastomer O-rings can satisfy, depending on the material, various needs of temperature (from -60 ° C to + 320 ° C), pressure as well as fluids and gases on contact. The rubber O-ring can be divided according to the in-service performance in three distinct groups. Within these groups you find answer to virtually all the application requirements: - Elastomers for general applications, such as NR and SBR, which deteriorate in aggressive environments such as hot air, mineral oils, fuels, oxidizers, ozone. The advantage of these materials is represented by their low price in addition to the discrete low temperature performance. - High Performance Elastomers, as CR, NBR and EPDM, provide good performance even in aggressive environments at the expense of a slight increase in price than products described before. - Special elastomers such as FFKM, FPM, FMQ and QMV, provide high performance that meet specific needs of the designer.
3Production Process O-ring?
The hot pressing using dedicated molds which is injection or compression allows the reticulation of the desired compound. Through the subsequent finishing processes accompanied by tests requested will head the compliance of the O-ring to international reference standards.
4What applications meets the Oring?
After producing the O-ring it does not require any special storage conditions (see attached file) and can be supplied in compliance with the relevant certifications issued by homogenizing institutions: - Approvals for water or gas contact; - For food contact certification (ref. FDA); - Certification for Anti Explosive Decompression (ref. NORSOK M710)
5What is the O-Rings Stock?
It 'a virtual warehouse to which the customer can access to gain information on the type, quantity and method of delivery of the O-Ring in real time.
6How does the O-Rings Stock?
The customer after the access to the area, can through two research fields to make a survey about the product availability. The fields of research are: ID = Inside diameter CS = diameter of the section Once you have completed the fields and clicked the search button, the system will release the results on time or approximate (either over or down) of the O-ring in the warehouse, giving more information on the coding of the product, material, color, quantity, availability and more.
7How to get additional information on O-Rings interest products Stock?
Once the research and identified the O-Rings of interest, the customer can ask for more information about the product automatically in two easy steps. Phase 1: Check the box of the product/s of interest to you, then click on "Send inquiry" button (Send Request). Phase 2: Once the "Step 1", the system will load an interface with the product/s you have selected and two empty fields. The first is to be completed by typing in your email for a possible counted, in the latter, you can instead enter notes or questions for the provider. After the procedure will be enough just to click the "Send" button to send the request.